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The Pros Of Professional Rat Removal: Why Expertise Matters In Rodent Control

Even if Ratatouille holds the title of your favorite Pixar movie, the presence of real-life rats is undoubtedly bothersome. These elusive rodents seem to persist both day and night, wreaking havoc by chewing on furniture, gnawing through cables, and leaving chaos in their wake.

When it comes to regular bugs, we’re quick to get help when we spot the first signs of a problem so it doesn’t get worse. But the problem with a rat infestation is that its severity is often underestimated before things get out of control. The reason? Those age-old myths that we grow up believing in.

In this blog, we will explore some common misconceptions about mouse control and understand how professional exterminators for mice can help address these issues effectively.

The Need For Regular Rodent Control – Why Is It Important?

Rats and mice aren’t only a nuisance to the eyes. Their presence also poses many risks to your house and health. So, seeking occasional mice pest control can help you in the following ways:

Prevents Property Damage

Rodents have sharp teeth. Due to their continuous growth, they are urged to nibble on things. So they chew on wood, paper, plastic, metal – literally anything that comes their way. This can cause severe damage to your house. In fact, if left unchecked, rats can also gnaw on electrical wires, elevating the danger of short circuits.

Keeps Diseases at Bay

From leptospirosis to hantavirus – rats and mice are capable of spreading several deadly diseases. Even if they don’t bite you directly, they can still transmit the virus through their droppings, fur, urine, and saliva. Therefore, it’s essential to take preventive measures and conduct periodic exterminations.

Ceases Infestation Growth

According to research, a population of rats can grow from two to 1,250 in a year’s time. So, if you’re relaxed because you just see a couple of them, best believe your house to turn into a big fat rat colony quicker than you can imagine. The only viable solution in this regard is rodent control.

Averts Secondary Pest Infestation

Ever noticed how a rat-infested house is also plagued by ticks, fleas, and other insects? That’s because rodents act as magnets to these bugs. So, if you take a rat infestation lightly for a long time, there’s a huge possibility bugs and insects will invade your house in the near future, too.

Guarantees a Stress-Free Life

Having rats and mice in the house can be pretty discomforting. Not only do they inflict damage, but they also cause mayhem – always running around the house, squeaking from the corners, and whatnot. But with some help from rat exterminators, you can easily relieve yourself of this rampant chaos.

8 Common Misconceptions About Rat Control Finally Debunked

We’re sure you must have heard many “lesser-known facts” about rodents. But how many of them are actually true? Let’s take a look:

Myth #1: Rats Only Infest Filthy Houses

Truth: While unsanitary habitations do tempt rats, it’s delusional to think that’s their only ideal living condition. The truth is, rats can thrive anywhere they find food and water within their reach. So, no matter how clean your house is, if you tend to leave food unattended or are careless about your garbage disposal, rats will invade it.

Myth #2: Rats Live Alone

Truth: Just because you see only one rat galloping in your room at a time, it doesn’t mean it’s the only occupant. Rodents build colonies. Especially when not in the wild, they like to move in large groups for food and survival. So, you probably don’t even know how many more there might really be in your house.

Myth #3: Rats Aren’t That Bad for Health

Truth: Major misconception! Rats might look harmless from the outside, but they carry no less than 70 fatal diseases. To make it even worse, they also carry ticks and fleas in their fur. So, just one contamination is all it needs for you to get incredibly sick, and the disease could be any of them – hantavirus, rat bite fever, or even Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM).

Myth #4: You Can Lure a Rat With Cheese

Truth: Although cartoons have always paired rats with cheese, this is a half-truth. Not all rats drool over this dairy product. These rodents are omnivores. Their diet preference is varied and flexible, strongly dependent on the region they belong to. So, if you think you can ensnare a rat with the help of a cheese block, think again.

Myth #5: It’s Fine to Approach a Rat or Mice

Truth: Rats and mice are widely domesticated around the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe to approach a wild one too. In an attempt to defend themselves, they can get offensive and bite you, and this can cause serious health trouble. So, if you catch a wild rat, resist the temptation to touch it.

Myth #6: Catching One Rat Will Solve the Problem

Truth: As mentioned before, rats and mice are colonial in nature. So you cannot just catch one and think the infestation is over. There might be tens of hundreds of more rats living in your basement, attic, pipelines, and other areas.

Myth #7: Cats are Incredible Mice Exterminators

Truth: If you got home a cat thinking it would get you rid of the mice problem, you gave in to a myth. Cats do catch mice, but not all of them are great at it. Moreover, if the infestation in your house is deep, your cat alone won’t be able to make any difference in eliminating it from the root.

Myth #8: You Can Use Poisonous Rat Repellants On Your Own

Truth: Poisonous rat killers can be risky to handle, especially in the absence of professional supervision. They not only elevate the risk of secondary poisoning on other animals, but the children at your home also get vulnerable to accidental exposure. So, it’s always better to seek expert help or use alternative rat extermination methods.

Why Should You Call a Professional Pest Control Service Provider for Help?

If you’re struggling with rat infestation, here’s why you should go for professional home pest control services:

Ensures Maximum Safety

Such companies are not only equipped with the right tools. They also possess the expertise to deter rodent infestation of any intensity in the safest manner. This eliminates chances of mishap and keeps your children, pets, family, and property protected.

Eradicates Root Issue

DIY rat repellants might look tempting. But they don’t prove to be effective, especially if the infestation is severe. However, professional exterminators assess the root cause of the problem and offer targeted solutions to overcome it. This solves the issue of extreme infestation in a jiffy.

Offers Expert Preventive Measures

Even if those DIY tricks help you exterminate the infestation, there’s no guarantee it won’t repeat in the future. Rats and mice are pretty stubborn pests to get rid of. Therefore, it’s better to go for professional exterminators as they also provide tailored solutions to prevent future infestations.


In the matter of rats and mice, myths are more widespread than facts. This lack of appropriate awareness makes it all the more dangerous and challenging to deal with a rodent infestation.

Therefore, it’s essential that we educate ourselves before taking the matter into our own hands. Or, do you know what’s an even better alternative? Getting professional help.

So, if you live in or around Lower Mainland and are looking for a reputed pest control service provider to help you get rid of pests and rodents, contact Ridall. For more than thirty years, we have been at the forefront of providing environmentally safe and all-inclusive pest management solutions in the Lower Mainland. Contact us for more info!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most common misconception about pest control mice?

There are many misconceptions surrounding rodent control. However, the most common one is the belief that an unhygienic environment is the only appropriate thriving condition for rats.

What is the most effective mice removal method?

When it comes to efficacious mice removal, the best bet is to reach out for help from a pest control service. They eradicate the problem from the root and provide effective preventive measures for the future.

How do I know that I have a severe rat infestation?

Yes! As professional rat exterminators offer targeted solutions and exercise expertise while handling the situation, they tend to be worth it no matter how bad the level of infestation is.

What are some of the best exterminators near you for mice?

If you live near Lower Mainland, Ridall Pest Control is amongst the top-rated pest control services you can go for.

What pest control services does Ridall offer?

If you are looking for efficient exterminators for stubborn pests like bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, moths, or rodents and animals like mice, rats, birds, and skunks, Ridall Pest Control is your one-stop solution.